Interview with Valter Gazzano: the Extraordinary National Make Up Artist of YSL


If you could ask anything to a make-up genius, what would you ask? What were the trends of this summer? What’s the secret of the perfect red carpet make up, and what not to do when we’re trying to look stunning under the spotlight?

One must know that in Venice, at the 74th Venice International Film Festival, there was a very special and unique place. It was not big, but inside big things were accomplished.
Within this temple’s black and pink walls, covered with beautiful posters, a whole brick exposition of lip tints (all matte and long lasting, of course) and huge screens, the magic of beauty was performed on actresses, models, and influencers. This was the wonderful space dedicated to the Yves Saint Laurent Atelier. A world where beauty and details were enhanced and valued, where you could really taste perfection on the tip of your tongue.

And if you think that this place was perfect, wait until you meet the Key Make Up Artist: funny, easy-going, super competent magicians of beauty. With the Red Carpet just a blink away, the YSL atelier was a strategic place, a little sanctuary for all the stars that went through this Festival. What to say about the stunning looks that came out from there, ready for the spotlight?

So, we asked the Key Make Up artist of Yves Saint Laurent to unveil some of his secrets. Valter Gazzano has been working with the brand for a long time, now, and watching him as he carefully chose between shades and products to create a look was one of the most exciting experiences of this Festival. His creativity matches perfectly with a delicate idea of feminine beauty, something that performs magic with just a brush and a touch of light.

It was a pleasure to listen to Valter Gazzano’s beauty tips and to be able to share them.