The Enthusiastic Return of Mika at Giffoni


It has been said that you always return to the places where you have felt good: this proverb was fully confirmed by Mika, who on 15 July 2017 returned to the Giffoni Film Festival for the second year in a row, assuring that here he feels like home, that his stay was so good last year that he immediately accepted the invitation to return and to be able to share again his joy and his profound and funny reflections with the Jurors in Sala Trouffeaut and with the fans waiting on the blue carpet, and to be able then to forget, even if only for a few hours, the injustices of the music’s world.

mika giffoni

The jurors in the room were curious, attentive and prepared and the questions that they made range between various topics, starting with those more properly focusing on the songs; for example, a girl from Qatar asked him what is the meaning that is hidden between the words of “Lollipop” and to which Mika answered among laughs that it was a song without meaning made to amuse the family and then came to success, and then a Belarusian boy who wanted to know if he will continue composing songs following the example of “Elle me dit“, which he deeply love and who in return received a confirmation, “There will always be few songs in French because I want them to express a certain feeling.”

mika giffoni

Still speaking of his commitments, the singer said that the program “Casa Mika” is really important to him, that has seen involved friends also famous such as Kylie Minogue and not but equally talented; he will return on Rai 2 (Italian national television channel) for the second season, giving some anticipation: “I like to talk about a theatre of Wonders, a space in which I tell what is scary or not known, as the job, but not in a boring way, moreover, pop is this, singing serious things in cheerful tones.”

mika giffoni

Then there was space for the personal questions to which Mika responds with a disarming honesty: born in Paris, with a deeply changed father returning from a seizure, a problematic and unhappy adolescence from which he was saved by music, a stiff and severe family that, however, never let him miss anything and a grandmother “Sweet but terrific”. It does not pull back when it comes to giving advice to young people, to encourage them to live in the best possible way. After he explained how today is much easier to talk about homosexuality, a topic that was unthinkable when he was young. Then he incites this young generations to preserve their individuality as strange as it may be, because being strange is a positive thing according to his point of view, he is proud to define him as strange.

mika giffoni

He also expressed the need to find love, a fundamental value in everyday life and that, if absent in our own family, can be found in other environments such as school or among friends. And it is to the love of the many fans of any age and from all over the world, that Mika dedicates his success, his smile and his sincere and strong sentiment.

mika giffoni

Thank you Mazda Italia for the Ride!

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