Disney Princesses: a Stylish Dream that Comes True


A dream is a wish your heart makes...” Sang Cinderella. And what a happy wish it is, if we are talking about dream dresses! Which one of you ever found herself sigh (more than once, we daresay) in front of the beautiful gowns worn by the princesses? And we don’t mean only when you were children, but also as adults:  admit it, despite the age you are still hoping that “the dream dress will come true“.

Disney in fact, along with unforgettable fairy tales and heroines, has been and still is a great source of inspirations when it comes to clothing goals: shall we talk about the dress worn by Belle when she dances with the Beast? And Aurora‘s pink (or blue?) one? Or the beautiful dress worthy of an ice queen, just as Elsa is? All these princesses have been reference models through the years. Not only for our personal style, but also for some of the most important fashion designers: just think about all the collections that, directly or not, made a reference to them (such as the Christopher Kane‘s one for this year’s release of the “Beauty and the Beast” live action).

But what if we would want to wear a fairy dress for real and without looking as a character just escape from a fairytale? If we could live the magic for a day, or only for a night (even over midnight), outside Disneyland’s walls? Well, it is possible! You don’t need spells or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: you just need a laptop and voila, magic happens! And so you can live happily ever after with your new dress.

To inspire you, we made a list of modern clothes and accessories that make us think of the most beloved Disney princess: are you ready to “rise like the break of dawn” and to take control over your destiny (as Elsa sings)? Or at least, with the one that concerns your next purchases?

 Disney Princess Style


Style: Casual, comfortable and with a sense of fun for the day, feminine, ethereal and delicate for the important occasions
How to copy her: In the first case, the keyword is comfort, both for shoes and for clothes, characterized by simple lines and for this reason suitable to every situation. To complete the look you just need a trendy bag!
 In the second case instead, the elegance is the protagonist: long dresses that dance in harmony with your body, embroidered details and light fabrics will be your fairy good mothers of style! The pastel accessories and shoes contribute to make them look beautiful and irresistible. We advise you to do not go outside barefoot, anyway…

Disney Princess Style

Style: Bon ton, versatile and vaguely retro for the day, pompous, elaborated and wide for the important occasions
How to copy her: The light and delicate dresses, some minimal accessories and the pastel colours are the key elements to obtain an effective look that never goes out of style in its simplicity. Low shoes and the medium bags make it also perfect to show both during holidays and in the city.
If you are invited to dinner instead, the situation changes. The solutions to consider are sumptuous, radiant, refined and with elaborated details, that shouldn’t be failed both in the dress and in the accessories of choice, especially if you are the guest of some particular characters named Lumiere, Mrs. Pot and Tockins

 Disney Princess Style

Name: ELSA
Style: Royal, feminine and with a glacial finish!
How to copy her: Are you invited to a coronation ceremony or to any other important event? Concentrate on a dress that features rigid forms, a formal cut and a general sense of dignity; play with accessories instead, matching them with complementary or in contrasting colors. A touch of light is fundamental if you want to make your look… Glacial! As far as Elsa’s hairstyle is concerned, though, we still accept miracles.
  • ELSA

Disney Princess Style

Style: Vintage, fascinating but, at the same time, naive.
How to copy her: To mimic the style of one of the greatest heroines of the fashion and costume history, who was also the first to give color to all the princesses of the world, you should find all those dresses that have “breathtaking” bustiers, pic-nic designs (to mimic the country style) and puffy shoulder. But never forget to add that vintage touch that Snow loves so, so much.

Disney Princess Style

 Name: ARIEL
Style: Sinuous, elegant, colorful and…sparkly!
How to copy her: For Ariel the only password is paillettes!! With her, you will discover the shine on the outfit, the elegance of the adherent shapes (the siren effect) and accessories that play with all shades of blue, a connection with the sea and its little “under the sea” friends. Ariel is definitely a fashion icon.

Disney Princess Style

Style: Comfy, essential and…green (of course)!
How to copy her: To emulate Merida’s style you can certainly play with all the shades of green and with brocade that will make you think about the precious decorations of her dress. Velvet is one of the fabrics that we prefer to match her style with, and we will definitely avoid sexy decoltés preferring turtlenecks, button-up shirts and comfy boots.