The Movie Favs of the Month: Fashion Edition


February also means Fashion Month because of the Fashion Weeks: to honoring that month we decided to reveal our Fashion Movie Favs, ever!



The Movie Favs of the Month: Fashion Edition

Chosen By: Angelica – Fashion Editor

Movie FavsTitle: Yves Saint Laurent

Directed By: Jalil Lespert

Played By: Pierre Niney (Yves Saint Laurent), Guillaume Gallienne (Pierre Bergé), Charlotte Le Bon (Victoire Doutreleau), Laura Smet (Loulou de la Falaise)

Theme Up: Set in the Paris of 1957, the film shows the debut of Yves Saint Laurent, first as creative director of Dior at only 21 years, then as founder and stylist of his own brand: the curiosity around his creations was very high because of the promising talent shown by the young designer, but Yves Saint Laurent felt the burden of expectations… Fortunately, to support him there was Pierre Bergé, his partner in life and business till his death: 3 years later the debut of Yves Saint Laurent, the two founded the Yves Saint Laurent Company, and the rest then is a story of successes and unique creations that still make the brand one of the most famous and renowned of the Fashion System. The film clearly expresses the uncertainties and fears that really plagued Yves Saint Laurent, giving a reliable image of how his work was carried out and how he was able to be inspired in an innovative way by whatever element from the surrounding environment, for example from the world of art, from exotic landscapes like Morocco and from the necessities of women of the time. Entering into his mind, his atelier and his relationship with Bergè, having a look at the collections just before their debut on the catwalk and discovering the background of a brilliant personality, during the film we see the evolution of a problematic but unique and passionate personality. Yves Saint Laurent is a biographical film that I would recommend to all fashion lovers in order to discover the birth, the developments and the legendary mentality that has led YSL to eternal glory.

I liked it because: Yves Saint Laurent is my favorite fashion designer, Saint Laurent is my favorite brand, so I had to watch this film. I appreciated both the realism and the delicacy with which the unpredictable figure of the stylist is presented and the recreation of clothes, accessories, and collections that made the history of the Maison. Maybe I’m not particularly impartial in this review because of my big love for the brand, but when a subject is able to emotion and touch us we just can’t stop talking about it until the exhaustion, can we?


The Movie Favs of the Month: Fashion Edition

Chosen By: Gianluca- Cinema Editor

Movie FavsTitle: Zoolander

Directed By: Ben Stiller

Played By: Ben Stiller (Derek Zoolander), Owen Wilson (Hansel), Will Ferrell (Mugatu), Milla Jovovich (Katinka) and many, many others.

Theme Up: No one has had the guts to show the real face of Fashion, and that face is really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Derek Zoolander brings projects us into the fashion world, a world full of plot twists, conspiracies, competition, betrayals and blue steels.

I Loved It Because: People either love the “Frat Pack School’s” comedy or hate it, but Zoolander is with no doubt one of the best products which the group of actors have ever been a part of. Maybe it’s because Ben Stiller is the director, but in this movie, the levels of foolishness are always hilarious. To hold up Stiller’s game there are his brothers, and when I say brother, I don’t mean an actual brother, but I mean it in the way black people use it, which is more meaningful I think: his faithful companion Owen Wilson and the always amazing Will Farrell. Furthermore, the ridiculous number of cameos, with a high concentration of celebrities from the fashion and show business, would make any red carpet become a simple sitting-room.


The Movie Favs of the Month: Fashion Edition

Chosen By: Eleonora- Beauty Editor

Movie FavsTitle: Marie Antoinette

Directed By: Sofia Coppola

Played By: An amazing Kristen Dunst ad Marie Antoinette; Jason Schwartzman as Louis XVI; Asia Argento as Comtesse du Barry.

Theme Up: Although being surely one of the most recent, if not the most recent, Marie Antoinette is one of the most sparkly, colorful and fresh retellings of the unfortunate French queen I’ve ever had the pleasure to see.  The tragic destiny of our naive protagonist doesn’t come as a surprise (if it does, m’friend, you need a good History book), but Sofia Coppola takes our hands and guides us through a world of light silk, marvelous velvet, jewels and hairstyles higher than the Empire State Building. Fashion, in this movie, is the key; it’s a display of opulence, most surely, but it’s also the devil that slowly closes the eyes of a young and bored queen who, often enough, discovers she likes shopping better than charity.  Asia Argento’s character, Bu Barry, the favorite of the former king, is the epitome of the anti-fashion, the anti-bon ton: throughout the movie, she flaunts an expensive taste that lacks any form of elegance or subtleness. In the end, this blindness will cost her everything, as she’s shunned by the other ladies and, in the end, by the entire court.  Opposite Du Barry stands Leónard’s character, the queen’s hairstylist and couturier in this retelling opposite to the real-life royal couturier Madame Bertin. He is an exaggerated (but quite truthful) mirror of a modern stylist: extravagant, edgy and with a fashion sense like a hurricane.

I Loved It Because: I love this movie because it’s funny, colorful and oh so fashionable. It doesn’t look at this time of history, at this queen, solely through the lens of its last, tragic years, focusing instead on the funny and amazing years of Marie Antoinette at Versailles.
I mean, I love tragical history drama, but Marie Antoinette sounds (considering the soundtrack, which mixes Vivaldi and pop music) and looks like the great-grandmother of Confession of a Shopaholic. Marie Antoinette kind of movie I can’t but rewatch it over and over again and that I love dearly, every moment of it.


The Movie Favs of the Month: Fashion Edition

Chosen By: Valentina – Chief Editor

Movie FavsTitle: The Great Gatsby

Directed By: Baz Luhrmann

Played By: Leonardo Di Caprio as the Great Jay, Carey Mulligan Mulligan as the loved one and Tobey Maguire as the narrator Nick Carraway.

Theme Up: There are so so many dresses and atmospheres and glorious details in that movie. From Prada to Brook Brothers and finishing with some allure from Dior. The movie is just stunning and worth watching again and again even only for the costumes.
And who is behind all that? Catherine Martin, of course. Catherine Martin (4 Oscar wins) served as producer, production designer, and costume designer. Some of the film’s party scenes had close to 300 extras on set, each one outfitted in his or her own unique costume. Indeed Brooks Brothers supplied 1,200 pieces in total. Miuccia Prada helped out on the women’s side, designing 40 background dresses as well as some of Daisy’s costumes.
What a Team.

I loved it because: With such costumes, with a wide choice and high quality, the atmosphere of the movie couldn’t be anything but the perfect representation of the opulence of the parties in the Roaring Twenties.
I couldn’t but love this movie, thanks to its beauty, to the amazing details of the dresses and also thanks to a great Leonardo Di Caprio whose great performance, as always, never stops to amaze me.


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